Sunday, March 2, 2008

speed rabbit pizza

we really should have known better,
but we did it anyway,
we called the number one pizza delivery company in france,
Speed Rabbit Pizza
and asked them to bring us some pizza:
the two person special menu (only EUR 19.90).

forty five minutes later,
a young man with his scooter helmet still on his head (musn't reveal rabbit's identity) handed over the goods.
twenty euros ($800) for pizza, appetizer, and dessert for two.

eagerly, we sat down to our long awaited feast.

once we had shared our appetizer (onion rings - four each; diameter: 1.8 in (4.57 cm); ingestion time: 3 seconds)
it was time to heat the pizza.

presumably it was the great wind
stirred up as the speed rabbit
dashed towards us, pell mell,
through the streets of paris
that had cooled it down.

during the wait, we discussed the following:
in america, your pizza is delivered piping hot. without lifting a finger, you sit down and eat it.
in france, if you want your pizza hot, forces must be mobilized. you have to act.
we drew some parallels - obesity, the state of their respective democracies -
and then rushed to eat the pizzas
before they cooled down again.

we plan to discuss the issue further while we search for our desserts, which seem to have gotten lost in the cracks between the floorboards.


Bob said...

Somebody - I think it was Miranda - told me French pizzas are so thin they fax them to you

The Japanese are said to have their own way with pizza - squid pizza with squid ink instead of tomato paste - mayonnaise - chicken pizza with half chickens

I'm so old I can remember a time before pizza

When I was a teenager in Italy in 1955 we thought it was so cool to be eating pizza in Italy

Now the world is awash in pizza - it's called pizzarrhea

-- Miranda's Dad

Look, The Trees said...

I think you can actually get onion ring pizza these days...

or onion rings stuffed with pizza....

or pizza in the shape of a donut, deep fried in onions...

or something...